By Dr. Ellie Somers

Run Coach, USATF L-1, USAW L-1

Tue Mar 13, 2018

Injury, and the pain that follows, can be a scary experience. But it doesn’t have to be. We will often go searching for information to help us understand what has happened or what may be happening to cause our pain. Unfortunately, that information much of the time, is frightening, scary and downright bad.  

As it turns out, frightening or threatening information from the internet, the media, your friends, your family, and even from your healthcare provider, can feed a cycle that may keep you from a full recovery. 

My job is to use the knowledge I have to foster resilience and joy. This means providing you with a better understanding of your body, what is happening, and how it can get better. We are, after all, incredible at learning and staying alive after an injury!

The video below provides a very simple explanation of how positive feedback can foster recovery after injury and how I use positive feedback to do just that.

Have a watch!

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