By Marilyn Chychota

USAT, Safe Sport, Red Cross, IronAthlete

Mon Mar 26, 2018

  • Glycogen bounces back 4-6 days after a peak session. Ironman people often taper too long by not doing a moderately long session 4-6 days before the key race.
  • The shorter harder events you need more freshness. Longer the events you carry more fitness in rather than freshness.
  • Reduce load approximately 40-60%- some tend to reduce too much and fall flat race day.
  • Maintain frequency of pre taper load at >= 80%
  • Consider a higher volume session 4-6 days before the event.
  • Consider travel in your taper plan. How does travel affect you. How long is your travel.
  • A lot of athletes feel bad in taper and learn that they will have a great race with practice. Some athletes struggle to manage their emotions and this stress impacts the overall fatigue.
  • Caution athletes not to ramp up their energy in the other areas of their lives.
  • Athletes get too obsessed with the one thing that will make or break their race.

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