By Marilyn Chychota

USAT, Safe Sport, Red Cross, IronAthlete

Mon Oct 21, 2019

Photo by Fausto Garcia from Unsplash

When we are put under pressure racing and training we can get emotional. It can bring up feelings of joy, confusion, doubt, anger, peacefulness, ect.

Notice which emotions are consistent with your best performances. Start to notice patterns of how you react, perform and what emotions they are attached with. Once you identify this find a trigger word or keyword that you associate with your best performance emotion. Write them down, remember them! If you can identify your current emotion before a key set or race, and know what your best emotion to preform is, then use your tigger word to bring you to that place each time.

Often we don’t accomplish anything great when emotions are churning. Watch to not react off impulse. Always stop, think, identify. Any crisis can be shrunk to a manageable size if you stop and think, remove emotion.

It takes self control to back away from impulse reaction, but once you can, you open up the ability to take the task at hand with forward purpose and focus.

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