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Connecting Endurance Athletes with Sports Care Providers

Thu Nov 07, 2019

What is this video about?

Aimee Gallo, CN from Vibrance Nutrition and Fitness, and Stephanie Norby, Massage Therapist at Rolling Stone Mobile Massage, were two provider guests on our Panel Discussion at the GritLink Beta Launch party. Aimee and Stephanie discuss the biggest challenges that are facing sports care providers in their practice.

When asked the question, “What are the biggest challenges that face you as a Provider?,” Aimee Gallo bluntly replies, “Keto.” as the audience of endurance athletes reply with a laugh. She explains, “This isn’t to say that it’s not appropriate for certain situations. Just not this one [endurance sports].”  Many women try ketogenic diets and intermittent fasting on their own because they see their boyfriends and husbands having results, but female hormones and female bodies are different. She advises, “You need to take everything you read on the internet from the lens of who you are.”

Another concern for Aimee in her practice is that she is starting to see women have an extra layer of shame about wanting to lose weight. This shame is causing undo stress, and usually should not be the top concern for a regularly active endurance athlete.

As a massage therapist, Stephanie Norby is challenged by the stereotypes of massage when working with athletes: “Spa, relaxation, rocks, water, zen music…. don’t think along these lines when you are looking for sports massage therapy.” Massage therapy should be a holistic part of your health care, not something you get when you need to relax. Massage Therapists are part of the whole team of sports care providers.

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