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Connecting Endurance Athletes with Sports Care Providers

Thu Nov 07, 2019

What is this video about?

Bruk Ballenger, Physical Therapist at Prevail PT, and Dr. Geoff Lecovin of Northwest Integrative Medicine were two provider guests on our Panel Discussion at the GritLink Beta Launch party. Bruk and Geoff discuss injury prevention and how different types of health care can aid in preventing injuries for endurance athletes.

Bruk Ballinger, who has seen injury prevention from the perspective of an athlete, coach, trainer, and clinician, tells us that the ideal state is for providers to function as “smoke alarms instead of fire engines” when it comes to treating injuries.  “The best way to prevent injuries is to work with a coach who is giving you an individualized training plan,” advises Bruk.

Knowing when to see someone for injury prevention can be tricky, but here’s Bruk’s guidelines:

  • If your pain goes away with 1-2 days off of training, you probably don’t need to see someone right away.
  • If the painful area is red, inflamed, and/or limiting mobility and causing you to adapt your activity, you should see someone.
  • Coaches and Trainers should be the first-line injury prevention specialists before seeking medical care.

Dr. Geoff advises that you can see any health care provider you feel comfortable to help you with injury prevention, but don’t let over-compensation due to lack of mobility lead to longer term issues. Dr. Geoff’s two tips for injury prevention are:

  • Get a movement screen of major kinetic chain checkpoints – foot, ankle, knee, low back, shoulder, neck. The provider conducting this screen with look for deviation in range of motion.
  • Understand the specific nutrition needs of your activity. If there is a mismatch in energy requirements, there could be a risk of injury – i.e. CrossFit athletes on keto diet doesn’t make sense because they need the carbohydrates to perform well. 

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