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Connecting Endurance Athletes with Sports Care Providers

Mon Jul 06, 2020

Sports Medicine Doctor

As we all know, whether you’re a triathlete, runner, obstacle course racer, or weekend warrior, the “athlete lifestyle” is a unique, high-adrenaline way to live life. With that way of life comes aches, pains, and often, a need to see a wide variety of doctors across your athletic career. 

While most doctors are qualified in their medical fields, not all of them understand the demands of being an athlete. A provider who leads an active life him/herself is poised to help you reach your goals on and off the race course. 

There are a few tips and tricks to finding and communicating with an athlete-focused provider. Let’s dive in!

How to Find a Provider Who Understands You

One of the things we prioritize here at GritLink is having a diverse offering of providers who all have this common denominator: they work with and are athletes. 

Before GritLink, finding a provider who understands your athletic goals may have meant doing countless Google searches, cold-calling providers, and reading one too many online bios for practitioners in your area. 

Now, rest assured, if you search for a speciality on GritLink, the resulting providers all offer backgrounds in sports-related medicine and have a passion for serving the needs of those who live an active lifestyle.   

How to Work with a Sports-Minded Provider

The answer is: pretty much the same way you’d work with any other doctor! Except with a practitioner who understands your athletic lifestyle, you don’t have to hide anything. 

Many times patients with priorities that involve training and racing are told to sideline those ambitions due to an injury or irritation because their doctor does not understand the deep role activity plays in the patient’s life. 

With any of our GritLink providers, be as open as possible with regards to your training schedule, training intensity, athletic goals, and race calendar. 

Conveying the importance of a training session, race, or sports-goal with a GritLink provider will assist them in crafting an individualized care plan that takes into account your athletic ambitions. And, while no provider can guarantee how quickly an injury will heal, being transparent with your medical provider about training load and racing will only help them help you – no more sneaking behind your doctor’s back to try to eek out a painful workout. 

GritLink is Always On the Lookout

GritLink’s provider directory is growing rapidly and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome in a variety of doctors, massage therapists, and performance counselors nearly every week. 

But what’s most important to us is hearing from you – do you have a favorite physical therapist? A masseuse who works magic? A dietitian who understands that a “gel” doesn’t just belong in your hair?

We’d love to meet that special provider and invite them to join the GritLink Network. Refer them here, through our provider referral form

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By Kristin Goett. Kristin is a social media marketing and public relations professional who currently resides in the Denver area. A triathlete herself, Kristin knows firsthand how important it is to have access to great providers. When she isn’t checking Instagram or posting to Facebook, Kristin is spending her days in the Colorado mountains and training for her next Ironman.

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