Our Vision

To help all people achieve their personal best in life by inspiring community involvement, pushing boundaries, active living, and connecting with nature.

Our Mission

To be the go-to resource for endurance and adventure enthusiasts for finding health care and knowledge that uniquely speaks to their training lifestyle and gritty mindset.

What We Believe

  • We believe that active people are happy people. And happy people are healthy people.

  • We believe that both outdoors and activity are keys to longevity.

  • We believe it is important to help endurance athletes and adventurers stay active as much and as often as possible.

  • We believe that enduring a physical challenge teaches you things about yourself that you can’t learn from a mental challenge alone.

  • We believe the process of preparing for an endurance event and following through with it changes you.

  • We believe the sacrifices you make order to commit to an athletic achievement for the sake of accomplishing something is the journey where we learn about ourselves.

We built GritLink based on these beliefs. To keep endurance athletes and adventure enthusiasts active, we can provide them with people, connections, and information that keep their bodies free from injury, or help them heal quickly when they do get injured.

About Us

GritLink was founded by Joan Studley and Cortney Jacobsen in 2019, who were driven by a passion to create a resource for the endurance community and to inspire and support healthy, active living.

GritLink is owned and operated by Cortney Jacobsen. Cortney is a product strategist, endurance coach, and entrepreneur with a personal mission to help people live healthier, happier lives. She fell in love with the active, outdoor lifestyle when she moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1998 and, soon after, discovered triathlon and has been hooked ever since. Cortney is a USAT L1 Coach and Precision Nutrition Coach. She currently holds a position as the Sr. Director of Product Management at Aduro, a human performance and well-being company based in Redmond, WA.