Our Vision

To help all people achieve their personal best in life by inspiring community involvement, pushing boundaries, active living, and connecting with nature.

Our Mission

To be the go-to resource for endurance and adventure enthusiasts for finding health care and knowledge that uniquely speaks to their training lifestyle and gritty mindset.

What We Believe

We love being active outdoors. We believe that active people are happy people. And happy people are healthy people. We believe that both outdoors and activity are keys to longevity. We believe it is important to help endurance athletes and adventurers stay active as much and as often as possible. 

We believe that enduring a physical challenge teaches you things about yourself that you can’t learn from a mental challenge alone. The process of preparing for an endurance event and following through with it changes you. The sacrifices that are made in order to commit to an athletic achievement for the sake of accomplishing something you never have before is the journey where we learn about ourselves, about our families and friends, about our bodies and our minds.  

We are passionate about endurance sports. We love anything that challenges us to go the distance, dig deep, fight demons, push our thresholds… call it whatever you will, but we love the mindset of endurance athletes. The endurance mindset means you never give up. You continually find a purpose to keep going. You have grit. We believe this human quality is an important one to learn, to develop, and to maintain through never-ending practice.

These beliefs are the reasons why we are building GritLink. In order to keep endurance athletes and adventure enthusiasts active, we can provide them with people, connections, and information that keep their bodies free from injury, or help them heal quickly when they do get injured. We can also provide our customers with trustworthy and evidence-based information about their health so that they can continue to grow in their performance. We can save our customers from the time-suck of finding a healthcare provider who is going to understand and support their mindset and their athletic journey. As we’ve heard from many athletes that we’ve spoken with in our research for GritLink, it is critical that our doctors understand us, as athletes.


About the Founders


Joan Studley and Cortney Jacobsen are product management veterans of the tech industry and two gritty girls who are passionate about bringing products to the market that support healthy, active living.