GritLink University Content and Curation Policies

GritLink U Guiding Principles


Overcome the time-suck and anxiety of researching sports health and performance information online. GritLink U weeds through the BS to surface quality over quantity. 


Longevity in endurance sports comes with training and lifestyle tips that are based in science, not marketing fluff. GritLink U acquires science-based content, referencing peer-reviewed studies where available.


GritLink U builds community by enabling Athletes and industry professionals to connect and share information.


Our goal is to remove or reduce information-overload, rather than add to it. The content on GritLink U focuses on quality over quantity. 

Content from Trusted Sources

At GritLink U, content is created by and curated from the GritLink Professional Network, which includes the GritLink Provider Network and Endurance & Adventure Industry Experts. The GritLink Professional Network is a group of vetted professionals with demonstrated expertise in endurance sports science.

Are you interested in contributing content to GritLink University? Follow the standards below.

Content Requirements

  • Content should be relevant to GritLink’s audience of Endurance Athletes and Adventure Enthusiasts
  • Content must be original. When quoting other sources, credit is given where credit is due.
  • Content is high-quality, free of typos and spelling errors. If audio and video are used, it should be easy to see and hear.
  • Content must be up-to-date
  • Photos that are used in the content must be owned by the content creator, or come from an open source (such as Pexels, Pixabay, or Upsplash) and credited whenever possible or required 
  • Content should be fact-based and cite peer-reviewed studies where applicable

If you have content that meets these requirements, please email the content links to We will review and get back to you. 

In addition to not adhering to the requirements above, here are a few more things that would disqualify content for GritLink U:

  • Exercise Videos – These are useful and we will consider adding this content in the future. If exercises or workouts are compiled as a greater theme, or included in article with greater explanation, this may be approved.
  • Recipes – While there are many great recipes for athletes that we could use, we are not curating recipes at this time, but will consider for the future.
  • Time-specific content – If the content is only applicable for a certain period of time – e.g. promotes an event or a special promotion – it will be disqualified.
  • An ad for products or services
  • Contains pirated images or plagiarized copy
  • Does not have inclusive language, such that it promotes intolerance for certain sports, ethic groups, genders, religions, or other professionals’ techniques or practices.
  • Content includes unsubstantiated claims (aka marketing fluff)

For any questions regarding GritLink University or the content requirements listed here, please contact us at