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Most frequently asked questions and answers about GritLink

GritLink helps the endurance and adventure community connect with health care providers who are specialists in working with athletes. GritLink also helps healthcare providers grow their business with a highly engaged and motivated athlete audience.

Endurance athletes can find sports care providers by searching our vetted network of professionals who are experts in treating injuries and health concerns that are common to endurance and adventure athletes. Athletes can find answers to their health or training questions from GritLink University, a curated collection of articles, videos, podcasts, and other content from experts in endurance and adventure sports. 

GritLink, LLC is registered in Kenmore, WA and is founded by Cortney Jacobsen. We believe that being active outdoors and participating in physical challenges teaches us how to live life to our full potential. Learn more about the GritLink purpose here

GritLink is a free resource for the endurance and adventure community of athletes and healthcare providers. 

Here are some tips for navigating the GritLink website:

  • Go to Providers -> Search Providers (on the main menu) to search for a Provider based on the provider type (e.g. Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, Certified Nutritionist, etc.), your health concern (e.g. knee pain, gut health, flexibility issues, etc.), your sport, your Location, and Insurance accepted. View the Provider’s details and contact them directly from their GritLink listing page.
  • Go to GritLink U -> GritLink U Home (on the main menu) to search for articles, videos, podcasts, and other content from the experts in the GritLink Professional Network. 

Are you a Provider or Contributor who specializes in working with Endurance and Adventure Athletes? We want to meet you! Learn more about joining the GritLink Professional Network here.

For Athletes and Adventurers – GritLink is a vetted resource of healthcare professionals and information related to the endurance and adventure activities that you love. We’ve done the research for you of vetting the Providers who understand you as an athlete, and the Information that is trustworthy and science-based. GritLink is a time-saving resource for the busy athlete who is looking to stay in their best shape, perform their best, and maximize their training time. GritLink will help you:

  • Increase longevity in your sport by connecting you with Sports Care Providers who are experts in treating endurance athletes
  • Access articles, videos, and other media that are curated with topics of interest to the endurance community

For Professionals – GritLink gives Providers and other Experts in endurance and adventure sports industry a platform for marketing their expertise and services. GritLink provides an audience of highly motivated and engaged athletes, more targeted than what would result from traditional SEO (search engine optimization) and other marketing efforts. 

We seek sports care providers who are experts in working with endurance and adventure athletes. We screen each provider to ensure they meet these requirements:

  • An interest in endurance sports, adventure activities, and outdoor recreation
  • An understanding of the athlete mindset 
  • A regular practice of treating endurance athletes and adventurers
  • A belief in educating, as well as treating, their patients/clients
  • Ongoing contribution and participation in the athlete and outdoors community

GritLink University is a collection of trustworthy and unbiased content about endurance and adventure sports. The content is primarily science-based and created by experts in the fields of sports medicine, sports science, and sports training. GritLink University provides athletes with a trusted online resource for expanding their knowledge and satisfying their curiosities about the endurance and outdoor activities that they love. 

The content for GritLink University is created by the health care providers in the GritLink Provider Network, as well as other professionals in the Endurance and Adventure industry who are experts in their field; these experts include Authors, Coaches, Professional Athletes, Scientists, Business people, and health professionals.

We have defined our content and curation policies here.  Please reference this page for more information.

You can submit content for GritLink University on this same page.