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Certified Nutritionist
Certified Nutritionist, WA State, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Additional training in Sports Nutrition, Functional Medicine and Fat Loss
VIBRANCE Nutrition and Fitness
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Bio & Description

Aimee Gallo is a Certified Nutritionist, holding two degrees in nutrition with an emphasis in functional medicine and fitness. She has had a passion for nutrition for over 20 years and has recognized the importance of exercise in maintaining health for nearly as long. As a marathoner, certified personal trainer and health coach, she and her team are equipped to get you to the finish line strong with energy to spare!

Area of Expertise (Sports and Body Areas)

Aimee specializes in working with all endurance athletes and nutrition issues that affect these athletes. She has unique expertise in the following areas: Runners, Sports Nutrition, Digestion, Functional Medicine, Weight Loss, Autoimmunity, Hormones, Gut Health, Marathon Training, Half-Marathon Training

Background and Personal Athletic Experience

I’m a foodie first, so restrictive diets are off the table. They can be therapeutically beneficial, but the goal is always to be able to eat as wide a variety of foods as possible while still attaining the results you desire. I’ve been athletic nearly all my adult life but learned the hard way how what we know about sports is catered to men, not women.

After overtraining myself to extreme fatigue, I had to back off from what I loved for nearly a decade (I had a baby and went back to grad school, so that slowed me down a bit) and am coming back to it in my 40s humbled but wiser, armed with sex-specific research and a passion to prevent other women from running themselves into the ground by showing them how to train and eat in congruence with their hormones, rather than training and fueling like college men (which is what the bulk of research stems from).

Historically, I’ve completed 7 marathons and over 10 half-marathons, including a Boston qualifier and the coveted Boston Marathon in 2010. I’ll be returning to half marathons starting with the Lake WA half in 2019 and am thrilled to be back in the game!

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Services & Rates

Services include nutrition and fitness coaching and can be done virtually or in person. Specializing in tailoring fitness to female hormones, endurance sports nutrition, food intolerances and autoimmunity.
Please see website for current packages and to set up a complimentary ‘getting to know you’ call.

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