Physical therapy for the pregnant or postpartum athlete


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Bianca Saad she / her
Physical Therapist
DPT, Certification of Obstetric Physical Therapy (CAPP-OB), Certification If Applied Functional Science (CAFS)
Avant Physical Therapy
Insurance Accepted: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, L&I, Premera Blue Cross, Regence

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Bio & Description

My name is Bianca and I am a physical therapist at Avant PT. We treat an array of dynamic athletes from dance to skiing, and we commonly treat overuse injury brought about by endurance sports.

Area of Expertise (Sports and Body Areas)

I specialize in treating antepartum and postpartum athletes, either for pain during activity related to pregnancy or postpartum or for movement and strength optimization in preparation for labor.

Background and Personal Athletic Experience

From my lifelong hobbies of running and skiing, to finding it difficult to refuse a hike or a yoga class, to aspiring to be the swimmer my black lab is, my life is enhanced by this special corner of the country in which we live.

I ran Division I Track and Field as a walk-on for SDSU; my event was the 800m. Since then I have run two marathons, and one year I thought it would be fun and not at all difficult on my body to run a half marathon each month (insert plenty of sarcasm). Running is queen and will always be to me from both physical challenge and mental reprieve standpoints.

I have mostly alpine skied throughout the country and overseas. I learned how to do this when I was three years old and my dad put me on top of a black diamond and said, ‘see you at the bottom!’ Snow and mountains make my heart leap.

Segueing in… Hiking and yoga have become more recent loves of my life. This year I completed the Enchantments through-hike and achieved a headstand for the first time in my life! Not in the same day…

Affiliations with other Hospitals, Clinics, Clubs, Teams, etc.

I am affiliated with the American Physical Therapy Association, and specifically a member of the Section on Pelvic Health.

Services & Rates

We offer hour-long one-on-one initial evaluations and follow-up treatments as we believe that is how PT should be practiced. We take insurance and cash pay.

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