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Maria Dalzot, MS, RDN, CDN
Nutrition Coach, Certified Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian
Certified Nutritionist (CN), Registered Dietitian (RD)
Inspired Eating
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Bio & Description

I am a a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and a Washington State certified dietitian-nutritionist (CDN) with a Master of Science (MS) degree in Human Nutrition and Food Science from West Virginia University. I am the creator and owner of Inspired Eating, an Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size® practice that helps people of all ages, genders and sizes make peace with food and eat in a supportive and nourishing way. I work with clients from a non-diet, weight-neutral lens. Consults focus heavily on intuitive eating strategies, behavior goals, shifts in mindset and support.

I am also a professional mountain ultra trail runner for the shoe company, La Sportiva. My athletic accomplishments include North American Mountain Running Champion, Trail Half Marathon National Champion, and member of multiple U.S. teams competing throughout North America and Europe.

Area of Expertise (Sports and Body Areas)

Food and nutrition are a BIG part of life. The way we approach eating shapes are health, our performance, and our well-being. It is an ongoing commitment and relationship because, believe it or not, we must eat for the rest of our lives. Just like you have an ongoing relationship with a spouse or best friend, you don’t work on a relationship for two months and then decide, “eh, I think I’m good, I don’t need to work on this anymore.” But now more than ever information overload at our fingertips and mixed messages in the media can make the path to eating healthfully throughout the lifespan confusing, conflicting, and frustrating – arguably doing more harm them good.

What I have found throughout my work with different populations and locations is that this constant exposure to nutrition jargon and arbitrary rules is that it has removed the joy and pleasure aspect from eating and people are left feeling frustrated and eating robotically rather than in a way that is in alignment with their life and values. There is so much stress around eating which can cause symptoms that lead people to think they have an intolerance which further perpetuate this tumultuous relationship with food. It was this experience and observation that sparked my brand, Inspired Eating.

I want to bring the joy back to meals, help people make peace with food, get people excited to be in the kitchen, be satisfied with the food they’re eating and help foster confidence for you to make your own decisions about your health and wellness while navigating a world of diet culture.

Background and Personal Athletic Experience

I have always loved to run. Tag was my favorite game as a little girl and I started competing when I was 11 years old. I was the cross country county champion in middle school and the two-mile track state champion in high school. I ran on a track and cross country scholarship for West Virginia University, an NCAA Division I college that placed 4th at Nationals. After college, I signed on to run competitively for the trail shoe company, La Sportiva. I have competed on seven World teams, representing the United States in Mexico, Slovenia, and Switzerland. In these later stages of my career, I have expanded my race distance to ultras, running mostly 50km to 50 milers.

Affiliations with other Hospitals, Clinics, Clubs, Teams, etc.

I am supported by La Sportiva NA, Native Eyewear, Ultimate Direction, Lily Trotters Compression, Trail Butter, Align Chiropractic, Active Points Wellness and Terrain Gym.

Services & Rates

I offer private and remote dietetic consults and coaching services.

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