Strength, Conditioning, and Recovery for endurance athletes

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2622 Northwest Market Street, Seattle, WA, 98107

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Mike Seilo
Strength & Conditioning Coach
NSCA CSCS, USAWSP, BioForce Conditioning Certification
Ekstasis Strength and Conditioning
Insurance Accepted: None

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Bio & Description

Ekstasis Strength & Conditioning provides fitness and sports performance training with expert CSCS certified coaches that empowers endurance athletes to get more out of their training through individually customized programing.  Our customized programming allows our clients to maximize their time in the gym by doing work that is specific to their goals, abilities, ages and genders. Ekstasis can help with a focused customized training program that delivers results to enhance overall performance and reduce injuries.  We train you, not the class.

Area of Expertise (Sports and Body Areas)

Strength, Conditioning, Recovery, Injury Reduction, Increasing Biological Power

I enjoy working with endurance athletes and learning about the energy demands of their sport or event and figuring out the best approach to increase their biological power and reduce their risk of injury.  This information is gained through an interview process, physical assessment and then a customized program is designed from this information for the individual athlete.

Background and Personal Athletic Experience

I have over 15 years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach in Seattle working with individuals, teams, large groups and government agencies. I have Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association which is one of the top certifications in the fitness industry.  My expertise covers all areas of strength, conditioning, injury reduction, recovery, speed, agility, and overall monitoring of the training process. I have worked with hundreds of people and have over 10,000 hours coaching, ranging from the individual who is brand new to a fitness program to the collegiate, professional and Olympic level athlete. 

I have been an athlete my entire life participating in basketball, football, and track.  Today my athleticism is based in my own strength and conditioning work. My personal fitness is as important to my psychological wellbeing as it is to my physical and is the best part of my day.

Affiliations with other Hospitals, Clinics, Clubs, Teams, etc.

  • National Strength & Conditioning Association
  • Seattle City Light
  • Integrated Manual Therapy
  • Seattle PT Solutions
  • Performance Massage

Services & Rates

  • Personal Small Group Training
  • VersaClimber Classes
  • One on One Personal Training
  • Youth Athletic Development
  • Aerobic Conditioning Circuit

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