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Seattle, WA, USA

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Strength & Conditioning Coach
ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Orthopedic Exercise Specialist
Nikki K. Fitness
Insurance Accepted: None

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Bio & Description

My mission is to help athletes gain strength and power in their training. I enjoy building a relationship with each client and watching them succeed in life and sport. Having ten years of experience as an athletic trainer, has given me appreciation for each individual’s journey. There is a no “one size fits all” training plan. I believe in customizing each workout for the clients goals.

Area of Expertise (Sports and Body Areas)

Strength and conditioning with an emphasis on mobility and core balance. Trail Running, Triathlon, Mountaineering, Soccer, Equestrian.

Background and Personal Athletic Experience

Competitive Three Day Event Rider. Avid trail Runner and Hiker. Past Triathlete

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